Domain Picks for 1st May 2014

I’ve noticed recently at GoDaddy that lots of bids have been placed on fairly obscure looking daily-domain-picksdomains. And on further analysis it looks like the domains are being purchased for their SEO potential.

And I think these types if purchases are only going to increase as more and more people are looking to build out their own SEO networks where they can control their own backlinks.

I used to do a lot of SEO work and had my own network of finance related sites which I sold links from and made decent money but in the end it was more trouble than it’s worth.

But if you are looking to purchase domains for SEO purposes then make sure to avoid domains that have 1,000’s of spammy links as the domain is already likely to have some kind of Google penalty. I use a similar strategy for when I am purchasing domains for investment and all I use are 2 free tools. tells me the PageRank of each domain, the number of backlinks and the age of the domain. From those 3 pieces of information I can quickly make a decision on whether I need to investigate further. If I see lots of links to the domain I then use to analyse the links further. tells me what websites the links are coming from and I can then make a decision on whether it is a spammy low quality link or not.

Whether for SEO or investment you should really do some due dilligence on each domain you purchase and the above checks only take a few minutes so there’s no excuse for getting caught out with a penalised domain.

Give me a shout if you need any additional help or advice on the above as I’ve learned the hard way over the years and although I no longer run my own network I still keep up to date with everything SEO.

Here’s your picks for today:

GoDaddy Dropping Domains 14 year old domain that is currently over $6,500. Geo name that gets 2,400/month exact match searches. Looks like a nice little US town. 16 years old. Although I’m not a massive fan of these alternate word spellings this one is not the worst I’ve seen. I guess it’s because here in the UK we have KwikFit who are a large chain of car servicing garages so the word ‘Kwik’ is seen a lot on adverts so it’s more acceptable. 13 years old.

4-letter domains – –

Namejet Pre-Release Domains 18 year old domain that is currently at $4,000+. 11 year old domain that is obvious for the tyre niche. I think the name says it all and I’m sure the demand to grow your own will increase over time too. 7 years old. Suffice to say it’s on the long side with 32 characters. If 32 is your lucky number then grab this one and see if you can make a return on it. 5 years old. It’s a 1-word domain and will always have value. Gets 2,900/month exact match searches. The word ‘affirm’ has a positive and strong sense of meaning but the ‘tense’ of this word affects the value. 17 years old. This is certainly not in the same league as which sold for $1.35 million but the word ‘Money Lender’ does get 4,400/month exact match searches and is still a decent name as it’s pretty much an out of the box business name. 4 years old. One of those keywords that gets used a lot in longer domain names so this one could be a good flip if you can get it cheaply enough. 16 years old. There is a site on the hyphenated version so they might be interested. 16 years old. Nice exact match name with 8,100/month exact match searches. 3 years old.

4-letter domains – – – –

Namejet Pending Delete – 2007 – 2009 – 1999 – 2000

Snapnames Best of the Drop – 2009 – 2001 – 2006

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